Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knowing Ali from A to well...A

I am so excited to have Ali from Ali's Bookshelf telling us all about herself.  

As most of you know I’m Ali from Ali’s Bookshelf and Ali Talks Live.  Hi Everyone *Waves smiling* Thanks so much Jeannette for having me here.  Alright so you asked me to come up with 10 facts about myself.  Do you even know how hard that actually is to come up with 10 facts?  So I think I did pretty good, see what you think. 

I’m a mother of two wonderful kids who I love and adore more than anything.  My oldest is Samantha and she is defiantly my mini me, she even helps with my blog for a post called Mini Me Corner.  Then I have my little man Braxton who is my sweetheart.  He started school this year and I’m totally missing having him around me all the time.  But, he is one of those kids that has to know how everything works.  
I am also a book lover and a blogger, a friend to many, a sister to three brothers (I have no idea how I put up with three of them) and I’m soon to be a PR agent for authors.  So yeah I’m defiantly a lot of things. 

I am totally OCD about a lot of things, it drives my boyfriend nuts sometimes how OCD I can be.  One thing I’m totally OCD about is my books.  They have to be in the right order, an order only I can understand, and they also have to be placed the right way on my shelf.  When I buy a book it has to be in perfect condition or I won’t buy it.   

I’m also OCD about the way I clean and the way I grocery shop. 

Some of you might know this already, but most of you have no clue.  I love to sing! I’m not talking about that Sing in the shower when no one’s listening kind of singing either.  I’m talking about sing in the choir my whole life in school, sing in church and win a couple karaoke kind of singing.  I love getting up in front of a huge crowd and singing for them.  It’s so much fun!

I am so afraid of spiders.  Like, run scream and most of the time let someone else kill, afraid of spiders.  I hate the little things, they creep me out so much.  I’m also afraid of snakes too. 

I’m allergic to onions, but love onion rings from Frisches Big Boy oh and I’m allergic to bee stings! I know it’s a small fact but it’s true!  I am a country girl! I live in the middle of nowhere Kentucky and I love it.  I love being outside in the field walking around barefoot. 

Like I said before I’m getting all set up to start doing PR for authors, I’m currently already doing some PR for a publishing company called Renaissance Romance Publishing.  I love doing PR for them.  My boyfriend and I are starting our own company called Jitterbug and we are going to do PR and Blog Tours.   So if you are interested in us doing some PR work, just contact me.

This next fact I’m totally ecstatic about, we are about to get a puppy.  I’ve wanted a German shepherd for a long time and we found a puppy.  She is 4 weeks old right now, well about 5 now.  And we get to get her in a little over a week now.  We have decided to name her Gretta Adelle.  Isn’t she totally cute?

I love to write and I’m actually working on my first novel now.  Hopefully one day I will get it published. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

I love to cook!  Anything with pasta in it and I’m in heaven.  Cooking is so relaxing to me and I love to try new recipes and cook new things. 

So yeah that is a bit about me.  Thanks again for having me on your blog Jeannette.  I had a blast coming up with all these little things about me. 

Now here's what I know about Ali...
She has an AMAZING blog!!  If you haven't been by to check it out, you MUST!  She's the creator of some fantastic posts and I hope to be one of the lucky people to read her book when she's done.  So jump on over and see what I'm jabbering about.  Like now!  Go on...I won't feel abandoned.  

Still here??  Hmmm, I ate all the cookies so if that's what you're looking for sorry.  I'll go bake another batch while you check out Ali's awesomeness.  

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