Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: Water Spell by Lizzy Ford

A water mage and the protector she never wanted. 

Rare water mage Sela is given no time to mourn the loss of her longtime protector and father figure before she’s faced with the one man standing in the way of her freedom: her new guardian, mage-warrior Tieran. 

An Inlander with no honor, Tieran is loyal to no man, priest, king or god. If not for the magic binding him to the infuriating water mage, he would abandon her amidst the land-locked Inlands, away from the sea she yearns to visit, and pursue vengeance against those who killed his family. 

Sela and her reluctant protector are soon thrown into the middle of a power struggle raging among the rulers of the four island kingdoms. To survive, both mage and warrior must overcome their distrust of one another, for the longer they resist their bond, the more perilous their journey becomes. 

My Thoughts:
I bought this book on a whim.  I have read and liked several of Lizzy Ford's books so I thought I'd try this one.  I'm glad I did.  This was a unique and interesting book.  
Sela is a water mage who has no idea how powerful she really is.  Tieran is a rough Inlander who sees no value in a water mage stuck in the middle of nothing but land.  Since one can't live without the other they must learn to tolerate each other or they won't survive.  Sela has some major losses to grieve through.  What she doesn't know is that Tieran is also dealing with his own massive loss that has made revenge has sole purpose in life.  When they set aside their personal stuff to help each other they realize their may be more than just tolerance growing between them.  I can't wait to read the next book in the series.  If there's a blog tour or early review team in the works, sign me up!!  

I recommend this book for ages 16 & up.  Mild to moderate sexual and adult situations.  

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