Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: The Disengagement Ring by Clodagh Murphy

A summer in Tuscany cooking for ultra-cool rock band Walking Wounded is the job of Kate O'Neill's dreams. So when Will Sargent, the band's manager and unrequited love of Kate's life, offers her the position, she jumps at the chance. 

But little does Kate know that the job is all part of a plot concocted by her meddling, eccentric mother, Grace to split Kate from her new fiancĂ©, Brian. Brian has never fit in with the larger-than-life O'Neills, and Grace is hoping that a summer spent living the high life with gorgeous rock stars will bring Kate to her senses and, more importantly, that Will can provide a change of direction for Kate's affections. 

When Will's long-term girlfriend, Tina unexpectedly arrives at the villa and seems determined to make Kate's life a misery, temperatures begin to rise. Will Kate finally stand up to her mother and choose Brian, or will she discover that her feelings for Will are stronger than ever?

My Thoughts:  
This book as hilarious!  I often have "LOL" moments in books, but this book was full of them.  I could absolutely see this book as a movie.  The  O'Neills are a hurricane family in the best & worst ways.  The way they butt into each others lives made for quite the comedy.  Kate needed to find more self-worth.  She was so insecure that she never felt she deserved better.  Will wasn't insecure in the same way Kate was but he always seemed to be taking care of others & never allowed someone to take care of him.  The only thing that I didn't like about the book was that it dragged on a bit.  Kate was so insecure she never would take what people were saying to her seriously.  It was frustrating & I found myself skimming over parts towards the end.  I also wish, at some point, Kate would have confronted Rachel about her egotistical & self-centered actions.  
This book was a fantastic read that will brighten up the gloomiest of days.

Recommended for readers 17 & up.
Contains sexual content, adult situations & language.

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