Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review: Chasing Fireflies (Power of the Match Maker) by Taylor Dean

My sisters think I’m crazy. 

But, I’ve never forgotten the mysterious woman from my childhood who told me Paul is the name of my one true love. 
She told me to search far and wide for him. 
I haven’t stopped looking ever since. 

When I stumble across an article about a successful American entrepreneur named Paul who lives and works in China, I’m intrigued. When the opportunity to teach English in China presents itself on the same day, I know it’s not a coincidence. 

It’s destiny. 

My sisters say I’m chasing a dream. 

Just like the fireflies we tried to catch on the warm summer evenings of our youth, the dream seems beyond my grasp. Will my quest for the elusive Paul always be just short of fulfillment?

My sisters tell me it’s a fool’s errand. 

Until I remind them of the day we saw the Red Bird. 
The memory silences them. 
The Red Bird Incident remains inarguable—and proves my search for Paul is not a silly fantasy. 

I will find Paul . . . I will. 

My Thoughts:
Another great story in the Power of the Match Maker series.  Savannah has completely stepped out of her comfort as she heads to China to teach English.  After meeting the mysterious Ms. Pearl Savannah's life is changed forever.  In following Ms. Pearl's advise she ventures off to look for her true love Paul.  This book was a perfect example of how things can always be interpreted in more than one way.  I thought Julian was an amazing character.  I liked that he could find beauty in Savannah's quiet personality.  The ending had a good twist to it and wrapped things up nicely.  I loved reading about the activities & food the gang enjoyed in China.  It enriched the story.  I also loved that Savannah had gone to UT in Austin, TX.  Woo hoo shout out to Texas!!  If you haven't read any of the books in this series you need look into it.  They're all written by different authors so each one is completely unique.  

Recommended for ages 15 & up.  

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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