Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: Heroes (Eirik #2) by Ednah Walters

Eirik wants nothing more than to show Celestia—the Witch who pulled him out of the darkness—that his feelings for her are real, but his parents expect him to avenge a wrong done to his family. To make matters worse, Celestia is moving on and is already dating another guy. Then Eirik discovers she is the key to accomplishing his goals. Caught between love and duty, Eirik will do whatever it takes, including getting up close and personal with Celestia, to get his way.

Celestia is convinced she is drawn to Eirik because of the bond created by the dragon's kiss, so she pushes him away. But when he comes to her for help, she is once again thrust into his world, where things are never what they seem.

From Earth to the realms of the gods, betrayal follows them and help comes from unexpected sources. But when the time comes for Eirik to choose, will he fulfill his duty or follow his heart? Everything rests on his shoulders as the wrong choice may lead to Celestia's worst fear—the rise of the Harbinger of Death.

My Thoughts:
Let's face it.  I'm never going to adequately express the awesomeness of this author & series.  Awesomeness isn't even close to describe the gift Ednah Walters has when it comes to weaving the intricate tapestry of these books.  Not only did she take 3 books, in 3 different POVs, with essentially the same story and make each one unique; she had twists & surprises that kept each book interesting. The 3 books I'm referring to are Souls (Runes #5), Witches (Runes #6) & Heroes (Eirik #2).  
Heroes is from Eirik & Celestia's POVs.  If you're familiar with this series, Eirik is Raine's bestfriend/brother from another mother.  From the time they were small children Raine & Eirik had each other's backs.  And while they've both started forging their own paths they're still there for each other when the need arises. 
Eirik has literally been to Hel & back.  Now that he's come to terms with who he is and his linage he's ready for some revenge.  The only thing distracting him is Celestia.  She's determined to keep her distance knowing that Eirik has duties to fulfill.  She doesn't realize it's not the dragon's kiss that pulls them together but a bond stronger than any magic could conceive.  
Having read the other two books, Eirik & Celestia's POVs were a fresh look at things that were happening only in the back ground of the other books.  It's like seeing the story in 3D and all the behind the scenes stuff too.  I got so many answers to questions I didn't even know I had!  There is a slight cliff hanger at the end to set us up for the next epic installment.  You can't read this as a stand alone.  But why would you want to?  Start this series and join the adventure!
Recommended for 14 & up.  Mild to moderate language & sexual content.
I received this ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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