Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

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In the year 2086, Camp Eden promises summer “the way things used to be,” back before the oceans rose, the sun became a daily enemy, and modern civilization sank into chaos. Located inside the EdenWest BioDome, the camp is an oasis of pine trees, cool water, and rustic charm.

But all at Camp Eden is not what it seems.

No one will know this better than 15-year-old Owen Parker. A strange underwater vision, even stranger wounds on Owen’s neck, and a cryptic warning from the enchanting lifeguard Lilly hint at a mystery that will take Owen deep beneath Lake Eden and even deeper into the past. What he discovers could give him the chance to save the tattered planet. But first, Owen will have to escape Camp Eden alive…

My Thoughts:
Love the originality of this series.  I think I'd love to read more books about Atlantis mythology.  In The Lost Code the world is in ruin.  The ice caps are all but melted, the ozone is gone and humanity is hanging on by a thread.  Owen is a kid from the Hub; a mostly under ground community.  He's been sent to a "summer camp" called Camp Eden.  Camp is inside one of very few domes created for the rich to live life much like they did before things went to hell in a hand basket.  As Owen begins to experience some weird changes he finds out some strange things are going on at Camp Eden.  I liked Owen.  I liked how he handled the situations hat were thrown at him.  It's weird how humans can seem to adapt even when things seem weird or even unbearable.  I can't wait to read the next book and see where the Atlanteans end up.    The guy on the cover doesn't look like 15 yr. old Owen to me.  He looks more like imagined Evan.  Just a thought...

Recommended for 13 & up.  Mild language & sexual content.

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