Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look out! It could be a TRAP!!!

When I was a freshman in high school it was cool (by who's standards I have no idea) to where silk, baggy shirts and ZCavarrici jeans.  Yah, you guessed it, I'm a victim of the 90's.  When I look back at those pictures I cringe.  We've all fallen into those fashion trend traps of youth.   
Lately I've found myself falling into something similar but with books.  I'll see posts on several of my favorite blogs singing the praises of a book.  After seeing it 10 or 30 times I think "Oh I must add that to my TBR list right away!"  Only to find that when I read the book I'm quite disenchanted with it.  I think to myself "Is there something wrong with me?"  Well, I know the answer to that, but that's another twisted tale for another day.  LOL.  But seriously.  When a book gets rave reviews from bloggers that I respect the opinion very highly, what should I think?  I know we all have our own preferences for books and what I like may not be what you like.  So what I've finally deduced is that I've fallen into that same trap I did in high school.  I read a book because it was the popular book that week.  I'm not saying there's a single thing wrong by doing this.  How else would I find the books I love without suggestions from my book buddies?  At least there's no photographic evidence to come back and haunt me at a later date.  Has this happened to you?  If so, what book?  I'd love to know.  


  1. I'm guilty of this which explains why my TBR is taller than me.

  2. Aaaww J, I think we all fall victims to this. I've learned to hold off. I often wonder what the heck they read that I didn't or I often wonder how they could like what they read.

    I think the entire Mortal Instrument series is a bit hyped up. I read it because EVERYONE who is anyone in the blogging world kept talking it up. I personally felt is was just ok.

  3. Plain Kate wasn't quite as great as I thought it would be but I can see why others would like it. I love reading about new books coming out and it really depends on me if they end up being good because I might have different tastes then that person. Nice post (:
    P.S. your picture doesn't want to show.

  4. There's a lot of talk at the moment about how reliable book reviews are. Sometimes authors pay for reviews, sometimes they write their own (under pseudonyms!) and other times publishers write reviews.

    Also, as bloggers we write reviews and I think I fall into the trap of wanting to find something nice to say about someone's book. I do this out of respect for the author. Some are better than others, granted, but I never read truly rubbish books.

    Interesting blog post! It's given me a lot to think about.

    - Laura

  5. I can think of several times this has happened to me, but I can also think of several times that the majority feel on a certain book was totally right for me. It all comes down to individual taste and yes, taking a chance on a new author or new book- or just being in the right mood.

    Love the discussion question.

  6. There are alot of times I add a book to my wishlist or TBR pile just because I see it so often without actually finding out what its about. Though most times I am not disappointed but sometimes I am. The opposite is true though, some books will get bad reviews that I go and read and love. I love variety and reading the blogs helps me to expand the types of books I read and I love that. I have also had someone say that they were uninterested in a book because of its genre but my review made them interested. Its a very diverse world in bloggerdom.

    Thank you for the interesting discussion post!

    Doodle bug

  7. Guilty as charged. What I did is go and instead of using Amazon Suggests or Recommends I go and see what readers have bought that with the book I just read or liked at one point. Like my cozies, I found a new one this last week I never would have heard of if not for that and BOY am I glad!

  8. This has happened to me sooo many times that I can't even come up with the name of one book in particular. I just chalk it up to everyone has different tastes, doesn't make it less annoying though. Still hasn't stopped me from adding over 600 books to my TBR mountain. I'll never learn. :)

  9. Yep- this has happened to me. But I think part of it is because reading is so subjective. I like a lot of the same books as my BF, but there are books she loves that I couldn't stand and vice versa. I still take in the reviews and thoughts of bloggers I respect, but I know it doesn't promise me a homerun. :)


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